Tim & Amy | pre-wedding

- January 10, 2010 -

Hailed from the town of Sarikei, both Tim and Amy knew each other ever since they were young. Growing together in church, they were both just your regular circular group of friends. Unknown of what the future holds for both of them, they went separate ways to further their studies in different parts of Malaysia. Till one day when they met again, sparks starts to fly and well let’s just put it this way, the rest was history..

To read of Tim’s proposal, you can visit Amy’s blog entry here.

FYI: I first met Amy when I just started my 2nd semester of uni. Ever since, we’ve been close friends and we’ve even considered each other to be god-sister and brother. When I took up photography, I’ve already made a promise to one day shoot her pre-wedding for her and her future ehem.. 😀

Here are some of my favourite shots of the shoot.

10 Comments on “Tim & Amy | pre-wedding

  1. Hi amy, this looks great, you both are a nice couple.
    i hope the wedding will be wonderdull too 🙂
    hug from the netherlands!

  2. Tim n Amy looks sweet in all photos especially the 1st one on the grass.. u r handsome bro!

  3. Wow you two look so great.I’m so happy for you and i wish you all the blessing and may the lord be with you and I’m looking forward to see you…..

  4. they look amazing! love all the shots. my favorite shots are the ones with the wrecked car. you guys make a wrecked car look good. great job Nick!!

  5. you got to shoot in a beat up old car?? I’m totally jealous!! hahahaha… just kidding. These are awesomely awesome! 🙂

    • Jenny!!!
      There’s tons of these old cars lying around in Miri..feel free to drop by to shoot some.. :p

      *btw, you’re link’s broken.. 😀

  6. hey brother (same surname mah, so call you brother lo..),
    Nice pics =) very clear and natural. Love the lighting. By the way, i’m amy’s friend =)

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