Shiv & Peggy | pre-wedding

- June 4, 2010 -

Shiv and Peggy first walked into Median Labs office back in January. At first impression, i thought they looked like your regular bride and groom to be. But once the ice was broken, you’ll find that they are awesome people to talk to. Both from different background and culture, you just know that you’re gonna have one awesome wedding to shoot.

The pre wedding shoot was done before their actual day. (which included two of their lovely golden retrievers! woot woot!)
Here are my favourite picks.

Watch this space for my next post on their wedding shoot! 🙂

4 Comments on “Shiv & Peggy | pre-wedding

  1. Gosh….that was B.E.A.U.T.I.FUL!!! Really looking forward to have my own for my wedding….(whenever that would be….)

  2. Thanks your lovely comments Eric and Carol!
    Gonna post up on their wedding shoot soon.. 🙂

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