Hello everyone!¬†It has been way too long I last posted up a blog post. With new visions and direction in Nick Lim Photography and in my personal life, things are starting to pick up again. And what better way to kick it off with a pre wedding, or rather, a lifestyle shoot. Meet Eric and […]

Handoko & Julia | pre wedding

Fun, naughty and loving. Those are the words I would use to describe this pair of couple. I was first contacted by Julia, who is a makeup artist from Indonesia, for a pre wedding shoot in Malaysia. She and her hubby were in KL for meeting/holiday. They wanted to have a fun/lifestyle shoot instead of […]

Brandon & Felicia | pre/post-wedding

Brandon and Felicia’s pre-wedding shoot was actually more of a post-wedding. As they are both based in Melbourne, we didn’t manage to do a shoot in JB before their wedding. Brandon and Felicia are the kind of couple whom you just adore when it comes to taking pictures. Their pictures look so effortless and despite […]

Shiv & Peggy | pre-wedding

Shiv and Peggy first walked into Median Labs office back in January. At first impression, i thought they looked like your regular bride and groom to be. But once the ice was broken, you’ll find that they are awesome people to talk to. Both from different background and culture, you just know that you’re gonna […]

Tim & Amy | pre-wedding

Tim & Amy | pre-wedding

Hailed from the town of Sarikei, both Tim and Amy knew each other ever since they were young. Growing together in church, they were both just your regular circular group of friends. Unknown of what the future holds for both of them, they went separate ways to further their studies in different parts of Malaysia. […]

Brendon & Jessie | pre-wedding

Brendon & Jessie | pre-wedding

I was first introduced to Brendon and Jessie by Ian, as he is related to them (cousin? correct me if im wrong :D). ¬†Brendon and Jessie are both from Miri, now based in Perth. They will be having their wedding in Miri this coming week and they’ve engaged us to shoot both the wedding and […]